How to Select a Monitor for PC Gaming

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Are you a gaming enthusiast and are planning to buy a monitor for your PC, but are not sure how to go about it?

The truth is that it is difficult to enjoy computer games without the right monitor for gaming.

Gaming monitors make games appear smoother during motion adding to the enjoyment of viewing the game since this is where the quality of performance of the system is reflected.

This is why choosing the right monitor is of utmost importance to game enthusiasts.

These tips on how to select a monitor for PC gaming will assist you greatly in choosing the best monitor so that you can enhance your gaming experience.

Go for LCD/LED Monitors

When choosing a monitor, go for LCD/LED monitors as opposed to CRT monitors as they are more durable. Moreover, they are sleek, smaller in size, offer superb viewing, lighter, energy efficient and reduce eyestrain and headaches.

They also offer more technical advantages.

Size of the monitor

When buying a monitor specifically for gaming, it’s important to consider the size as a wider screen will ensure that you get the most out of your viewing experience.

However, the choice mainly depends on factors like space available. So, if you don’t have space to accommodate a wider screen, then don’t get one. Most gaming monitors fall in the range of 15 to 23 inches.

Also remember to keep in mind that the monitor can also have an effect on your CPU performance. If your motherboard is outdated or not designed for your particular application, think hardcore gamer, than you might end up disappointed after spending your money on a monitor and not seeing a benefit due to a stressed motherboard. Check out this article for help finding the best gaming motherboards.

Pixel response time

This is another important factor to consider. It refers to the time taken by the LCD pixel to change one color to another which greatly affects the image quality of the game.

When the image quality is not good, you might not have much fun when playing your game. The best response rate to consider while buying the gaming monitor is 8 milliseconds or less than that as well.

LCD resolution

A good monitor is also judged by its resolution. Different monitors have different image resolutions.

The higher the image resolution, the better the image quality. All monitors have a native resolution which is based on the physical number of pixels the screen displays.

It is therefore important to only buy as much resolution as you need since if you are used to a resolution of 800*600, any attempt to get a 30” widescreen monitor with a high resolution of 2560*1600 to display at 800*600 might result into fuzzy pictures.

Hence, if you are looking to buy a gaming monitor, buy one with high resolution LCD monitor as you will be guaranteed of maximum pleasure.

Gaming monitor reviews

About all companies offer exclusive advantages for purchasing their monitors. It is therefore advisable to read reviews online to learn more about their features and advantages.

This feedback from users who love gaming will go a long way in helping you choose the best monitor of all, as customer reviews are considered reliable sources of unbiased information.

When shopping for a monitor for your PC gaming, it’s important to bear the above tips in mind. So, now that you are equipped with this knowledge, you can now go out and buy a gaming monitor for yourself.


Why Frame Rate is Important for PC Gaming Monitors

Game development and web design conceptWhy Frame Rate is Important for PC Gaming Monitors

I bet you hear a lot about frame rate, and how the PC master race, thanks to Zero Punctuation (coined in a facetious sense), is glorified for having a (generally) smoother frame rate than consoles.

This is usually due to the setup of every individual computer and the components that go into one that you build yourself.

Through a combination of those individual pieces, it’ll decide for you whether or not you can run the latest and greatest games available on PC, and just how smooth your system will run it.

A Little Example

At the goading of my friend, I purchased Dark Souls III a few days prior to its release back in April of this year. To my disappointment, my game ran at a pathetic crawl; it was only possible to play if I had it windowed and tiny.

I figured I’d be straight, since I’ve ran Souls games before, so what gives?

Out Of Date

Turns out my gear was already outdated. I purchased my PC in 2014 and also got Dark Souls II, and playing that one gives me beautiful frame rates and smooth gameplay.

Every moving piece of cloth, every ember blowing gently in the wind, every single invasion and death I encountered ran at a spectacular pace. This one? Not so much.

Frame Rate Importance

I’m sure everyone has a wide variety of interests when it comes to video games, and believe me when I tell you every single one of them can have frame rate issues, whether it’s a top-tier, AAA title, to pixelated indie games.

If the game chugs along at a measly 10 FPS, you’ll be able to tell, and it will SUCK. The game is meant to run at a specific frame rate and it can completely ruin your experience due to how slowly it loads the frames.

It stops you from being able to immerse yourself in a game, such as when you’re playing a first-person shooter and that lag causes you to miss a shot and be killed instead.

Low Frame Rate Kills

It makes the difference between playing with your friends in a MOBA and not being dependable enough to play with for fear of missing out on kills and gold.

So What Can You Do?

Can You Run It is an excellent free reference website that’ll put your gear to the test in comparison to almost any game you can think of.

That way, if you’re on the fence about purchasing a game, more often than not it’ll tell you if you’re in the clear, or if your hardware needs an upgrade.

Cheap Alternatives

Furthermore, building a PC is actually pretty cheap, and often times the purchase of all the parts (the monitor, the tower, the GPU, the motherboard… the works) end up cheaper than a pre-built, name brand computer that doesn’t necessarily have hand-picked hardware.

Installation is a breeze, and there are plenty of help sites out there that’ll give you a few guidelines to put you on your way!


All in all, having a good frame rate is an absolute necessity for playing games on your PC. It’s one of the most integral parts of playing a game, and without a solid frame rate, you won’t be enjoying your game as much as you could if those problems get fixed!

What Is A PC Gaming Motherboard?

Electronic collection - Multiphase power system modern processorA motherboard is a complicated electronic component that powers various parts of the PC. In the event that the motherboard on a PC goes out, the PC is also done.

The thing about picking which gaming motherboards to purchase is that it isn’t generally about the board. Gaming machines are an alternate breed, which gamers build with individual picked parts.

The motherboards requirements are mainly about the compatibility of the parts picked.

Motherboard Performance And Capacity

Nothing matters more to gaming than capacity excessiveness, which is the thing that gamers require for speed and details.

Screens or monitors give the high resolution and details, however without a good graphical adapter, it won’t work.

The motherboard needs the chipsets that control the interfaces between the RAM, framework processor, connector cards, and I/O gadgets.

Bus framework and a structure component (standard size) should be able to be sufficient to be able to keep with high performance card.

Motherboard Compatibility

The motherboard needs to pass through the same test for each of other parts, including the HDD, memory, LAN card, cooling fans and power supply.

Unless the board can match each of this parts that is, speed and power, the power and capability of the whole and the individual parts will not be fully provided.

Thus, gaming motherboards should not just be good in terms of compatibility, they should be perfect.

Additionally to be noticed that motherboards today have nearly everything worked in, including display adaptors, sound and LAN cards. These parts may be sufficient for fundamental applications.

In any case, gaming needs to go well past what these installed cards can give. For this, the board should have the capacity to accommodate extra memory, and capability of more add on cards as many as possible.

Motherboards that fulfill every one of these focuses would in any case need to pass through benchmarking tests.

Purchase just those boards which are positively rated by hardware and gaming sites.

Before manufactures launch their products in the market they make the available for reviewers, so every new board as of now has been reviewed to indicate clearly that they are good for gaming.

Over Clocking

After taking care of all this, there still remains the subject of over clocking and upgrades.

Over clocking is settings and modifying parts to run fast than manufactures specs.

Motherboard over clocking is critical on the grounds that if doesn’t work properly, it can destroy the board, as well as each other part also.

For those asking why fiddle with it, it is because of gaming needs that edge past what a standard machine offers to other people.

On the off chance that each gamer has the most recent parts and the greater part of the gamers are similarly gifted, the person who wins is the person who over clocked the machine.

Gamers regularly use over clocking to push each part to the compelling end of its ability. This implies gaming motherboards require a lot additional execution capacity past the specs.

With respect to the redesigns, the issue is that the parts are sufficient for at most six months or a year. After that, new games and versions are released which require the most recent parts and won’t work with old ones.

On the off chance that the motherboard can’t acknowledge a twice per year overhaul of the various parts, then it’s not a gaming motherboard.


In summary, gaming motherboards are a totally diverse breed from the conventional board that arrives in a customary PC.

These boards are compatible with high end parts and have an innate capacity for permitting excess performance. Try not to purchase a board if doesn’t obviously say that it is a gaming motherboard.

How To Choose The Right PC Case

Transparent computer

The most important point to know pertaining to desktop PC cases is they are available in all varying sizes and shapes.

Whenever buying some type of computer case, you should be sure that it really is sufficient for all of your hardware to fit within, and you ought to be aware that you may want to upgrade one day, with more or larger components. Because of this, it is usually advised to choose which components you intend make use of before selecting a case.

This offers you a precise idea of how big your case really should be.

Another essential aspect in your final decision ought to be the number together with proportions of bays.

Desktop PC cases are created with various dimensions and numbers of bays, and these can be an enormous headache if you don’t find out precisely what you require.

Make Sure the Case works along with your Motherboard

Motherboards also can be found in distinct sizes and shapes, which mean you have got to make sure that your motherboard works within your desired desktop computer case.

Thankfully, all motherboards as well as cases are identified by using a “form factor” which is manufacturer’s sizing standard.

ATX is among the most popular form factor. If your system board is an ATX, this will likely provide the very best overall flexibility in choosing the Personal computer case. Make absolutely certain you also pick an ATX PC case.

All Power Supplies Aren’t Created Equal

All computers need to have electricity and typically additional electrical power will provide a lot more overall performance for the Personal computer.

For gaming Computers, it is recommended to use a power supply which can yield at least five-hundred watts. However, a lot of gaming PCs have additional computer hardware that needs to be taken into account which might require even more electricity through the energy source.

Even though gaming computer cases come with their own individual power source, it’s a wise idea to look around for others. All electricity supplies are certainly not made the same.

Whatever comes stock with a gaming PC case will likely be whatever was lowest priced for the producer to purchase or produce.

If you intend to become a serious player that has a serious gaming PC, solidly think about buying a separate electrical power source.

Chillier the Superior

Chilling is one of the essential parts of your gaming PC. Hardware-intensive games trigger PC components to heat up easily, and with no decent chilling system, efficiency may be slowed down very much.

In the event the components get too overheated, they could be damaged or destroyed.

Look for a gaming computer case which incorporates at the least a couple of fans. A number of higher-end gaming personal computer cases include liquid chilling systems as well as considerable heat sinks.

Consider seeking cases with these types of additions since they will notably cool your components, keep the PC performing at peak functionality, as well as keep the gaming uninterrupted.

Case Bling

Though quite a few people are actually quite content with a plain-vanilla-looking desktop computer case, others would like to exhibit their fancy case’s design to their friends.

Cases can be customized with fancy shining lights, colors, see-through casing, and a good deal more.

If it helps you get in the mood to frag newbies by just sweetening up your case, go ahead and do so! You might spend a bit more, but to most people it’s absolutely more than worth it.

For some people with limited funds, it could be more worth the cost to spend the excess dough on computer hardware enhancements as opposed to case bling, such as a more attractive CPU, graphics card, if not more Memory.